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The Quick Guide to Boundary Surveys

Deciding to Get a Boundary Survey for Your Home
A boundary survey also assures that you are aware of exactly where your property begins and ends, so that you may confidently build, develop and improve all of your property without encroaching on neighboring properties or easements. Everyone who owns real estate should have this information provided to them by a licensed surveyor.
Limitations of Property Use Created By Easements
An easement is an area of property where entry and land use is made available to a party other than the current owner for certain, limited purposes.  For instance, a utility easement may affect 5 to 10 feet alongside or rear lines of your property so water or electric lines may be placed and maintained. Private easements are also created between property owners in order to create shared driveways and other methods of access. These minor issues of property ownership can create major confusion! A boundary survey can clear up where easement areas have been created on your property and map them so you can confidently proceed with enjoying your property within your legal rights.
What is a Boundary Survey?
How do surveyors figure out where your property corners belong? When you purchased your property, you were issued a deed with a legal description.  The surveyor researches data from your deed, your plat, (your neighboring section corners if unplatted) and any other recorded documents that may affect your land holding.  After legal research is gathered, there will be a precise inspection and measurement of the property to include adjoining properties' monumentation and surveying monuments that exist to provide control for entire sections of land.
In short, we create a mathematical proof of your boundaries by taking direct measurements of existing monumentation and comparing it to recorded records of land ownership.
That mathematical proof is rendered into a Plat of Boundary Survey. This document serves as the legal, physical representation of the boundaries of your deeded land. You may have this document recorded at the County Recorder of Deeds Office in the same way that developers have platted subdivisions recorded, but it is not necessary to do this in order for the survey to be considered the legal map of your boundary lines. If property corners ARE found to be missing on your particular parcel, we have the ability to reset them with extreme accuracy in accordance to your legal property rights.
What Will A Survey Cost?
Cost varies depending on terrain, sight line obstructions, acreage, legal description for your property, so we make a custom bid for every client. Just provide us with the full address of the property and your email address and we can send you a flat-rate bid by email.  Contact us at or use the Contact Us For A Quote page to contact us by email with your questions.


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