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Call Us Today!
(816) 436-7895


Commercial and Industrial Surveying
North Star Surveying, LLC provides a broad scope of services to meet the needs of both new construction contractors and industrial customers.
Our customers include architects, engineers, banks, title companies, realtors, public utilities and construction companies.  Our company can also work with individual customers with residential needs, such as boundary surveys, site plans and topographic for design.
An ALTA/ACSM survey is an important step in obtaining financing and re-financing for commercial property.  Check with your lender for the Table A requirements, forward them to us and we will get you a fast, fair bid.
Has your insurer notified you of changes to your rates due to your presence in a flood plain?  An elevation certificate may improve your rates, and we are happy to help.
Visit our Contact Us For A Quote page.  Provide the complete physical address of the property and a contact email and you will be on your way to making the land you own into the construction project you have planned.
Our Projects:
  • Right of Way Staking
  • ALTA/ASCM Surveys
  • Topographic for Design or Drainage Studies
  • Lot Splits
  • Minor Subdivision Plats
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Communications and Utility Easement Creation


North Star Surveying, LLC
PO Box 901526, Kansas City, MO 64190
Phone: (816) 436-7895

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